Refund & Return Policy

1. All the clients could return the products and request a fully refund within 30 days with no reasons after buying. However, they ought to maintain the products in a full state or not have been damaged or used, unless the damages were caused by our company or have been occurred naturally.

2. All the clients ought to keep their receipt with them when getting a refund.

3. Some of the discount products that we announce in advance, won’t have been returned after buying, unless the law allows so.

4. We undertake all the reasonable costs to the shipment of products returning for the defect products. However, clients should undertake the shipping fee for those of no reason returns.

5. Online shoppers ought to print and use prepaid shipping label for mailing and returning the products.

6. Offline shoppers ought to return the products to our physical stores directly.

7. We will make a refund within 10 business days!

8. If you have any concerns or need any help, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would like to help!

9. Our contact ways:

Landline - 2046918887

Email - coconutnut.ca@gmail.com  


Thank you!